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Founder, UK

Saurav is passionate about making a difference to the lives of children through access to education. He believes in bringing out the best through the untapped potential of people. Having come from very humble backgrounds, Saurav had the opportunity to study in some of the most prestigious universities in the world and have led large global diverse teams across cultural and geographical boundaries for over 15 years. He observed and learnt that spotting talent and providing access to opportunities makes a difference to enable children to find their hidden talent, whether they learn normally or have a difficulty. An avid traveller, reader, mentor, Saurav is an entrepreneur with a global MBA from LSE, NYU Stern and HEC Paris and experience of delivering multi million dollar projects world wide.

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Senior Advisor, SEN & Therapies, Switzerland & US

Travis has dedicated over 25 years of his life to enriching students, school systems and communities by transforming education ecosystems so that each individual student’s unique learning style is respected and fostered. Throughout this time, Travis has been active as an occupational therapist, special education teacher, outdoor education specialist, lawyer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and volunteer implementing education reform throughout the world, building self-confidence and bringing smiles to thousands of children.  Most recently, Travis was a Trustee of Mudzini/Many Hopes (www.manyhopes.org) and spent years on the ground in Kenya building a community of future lawyers, doctors, journalists, business owners and successful critical thinkers. Travis is a US bar-qualified lawyer and holds a Trium Global Executive MBA from NYU Stern, London School of Economics and HEC Paris; a Juris Doctorate from Boston College School of Law; and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from American International College.  He is originally from the US but has been living as a permanent resident in Switzerland for 12 years. Travis is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, voyaged to Antarctica, dived the Galapagos Islands, trained Aikido in Japan and completed triathlons and marathons throughout the world.

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Early Childhood & SEN Advisor, US

Amy Hermans has over 25 years experience teaching both children and adults. Her education includes a B.A. in Fine Arts,  a B.E. in Education, and an M.E. in Creative Arts in Learning. She has a license in teaching Early Childhood with Special Needs and has taught in both elementary school and early childhood settings differentiating the needs of many children. Amy lives and teaches in Massachusetts, USA, where she loves to share her passion for inclusion and learning with others.

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Specialist Consultant Subject Teacher, Thailand

Originally from India with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with passion of learning and teaching carved her way towards the teaching profession, been teaching computer science for the last 5 years and alongside Business studies after completing masters degree in International business. To further enhance her credibility in teaching she pursued masters degree in International Education from Framingham State University (USA). It has been a beautiful journey to be part of the student’s education life and see them become successful in life in whatever careers they want to pursue.

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Linguaphile Implementation Partner, Bangalore, India

InclusivEd caters to children  in need of academic, social and behavioural support as they believe in inclusion where all children can come together to support each other and build their skills. They support children who go to mainstream schools and require after school support as well as children as young as 3 years old to prepare them for schooling. Naomi Menon is the founder of InclusivEd and a Member of the International Association of Special Education and is a trained Animal Assisted therapist Naomi has worked as a special educator in mainstream schools in Bangalore and was previously the co-founder of Merittude. She also enjoys spreading awareness and speaking about inclusive education in various forums. With an unending passion for and knowledge of the subject, she believes in providing a holistic and inclusive environment for all children who seek support to maximize their learning. 


Creative Content Specialist, India

Esha is an illustrator visual artist and writer. Her enthusiasm for art and design, sparked at a very young age, largely due to the influence
of her mother and cultural upbringing. Constantly surrounded by music and the powers of imagination as a child, drawings created an inner sanctuary for her mind allowing her
creative powers and ideas to weave stories and spin life into characters.
Esha has a bachelor’s degree from Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore,
specialising in visual communication and strategic branding. She also has experienced training from die Angewandte, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Leading way to her Masters education in Illustration and Visual Media from the University of
the Arts, London college of Communication. 


R&D Intern, India

Aastha has always been a critical thinker, someone who analysed everything in detail. There was always this inquisitiveness in how the brain worked things out and going to the depth of it was fun. This eventually led her to questioning WHY and HOW she thought the way she did.


And here she is, with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, all ready to find answers while pursuing her Master’s degree in Neuroscience.


Aastha is looking forward to research in the field of Behavioural and Medical Neuroscience. She wishes to make a difference by understanding people as they are and helping them come out of their difficulties, to see the brighter side of the world. 


Clinical Psychologist, India

Ruth Ferdinand is from Delhi. Her education includes M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, M.A. in Applied Psychology and B.A (Hons) Psychology. She is an RCI  recognized Clinical Psychologist.
Ruth is very passionate about her field and has always found Psychology very intriguing. She believes that every child is unique and should be given a nurturing environment to reach their potential.
Ruth started her career with an Early Intervention Centre where she provided Early Intervention and
assisted the team in identifying various Childhood Disorders. Ruth was involved in delivering
Developmental Surveillance, Early Intervention Services and Formulation of Individualized Intervention Plan for each child at Holy Family Hospital.
She worked as an Assistant Child Psychologist at BLK Hospital and was involved in conducting
Psychological and Educational Assessments on children having ADHD, ASD, Learning difficulties, ODD. Ruth is well acquainted with the Orton Gillingham Alphabetic Phonics Program which she used with children having Learning Difficulties. Following this, she was also associated with Mom’s Belief as a Child Psychologist.
Ruth is proficient in carrying out I.Q. Assessments, Psychometric Assessments, Neuropsychological
Assessments and is trained to provide Psychotherapeutic Interventions with children and adults.


SEN Teacher, India

Roopesh is an enthusiastic college under graduate pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is extremely passionate about Mathematics and started his tutoring career by teaching Maths to students of Grades 4-12 in IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE curriculum. Now he teaches Maths, Physics, Chemistry and French to various kids with an aim to make them understand and love the subjects. He specializes in finding ways to efficiently solve problems and find short solutions to problems which usually take lots of time to solve. 
He has also tutored kids with special needs and has used different approaches to keep them interested and excited about the subject. He takes very interactive classes with these children to keep them involved and interested to learn and solve problems.
Roopesh has helped several kids improve their problem-solving capabilities and overall performance in the subjects by providing adequate practice and cumulative assessments to track progress and keep the kids motivated throughout the process.

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Chief Education Officer, UK

Papiya is a leading expert in teaching children with Special Education Needs and Learning difficulties. An experienced clinical Psychologist, NASENCO holder from UK, TESOL holder from Canada, diploma holder in pre-primary & primary education and a bachelors degree in Education, she has spent over 15 years in teaching children in international schools globally to bring out the best in them who require the support from their teachers and parents to ensure they can learn the same way as their peers. A firm believer in inclusive education, Papiya has touched the lives of numerous children with a variety of learning difficulties who have now gone on further in their careers and have become very successful in life. Papiya also holds degrees in Commerce, English and Masters Degree in Special Education & Inclusion from renowned UK university. Her passion is to work with children and make a difference to their world as well as bring a smile to the parents as they see their children succeed.

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Country Rep & Education Advisor, Argentina

Maria Ana Milano is a passionate university and high school lecturer, and international lawyer, with Masters degrees in Education and International Relations. Ana is committed to the advocacy of childrens’ rights and education and has extensive teaching and legal experience in schools, commercial enterprises and non-profit environments throughout the world.

 As a cross-border commercial lawyer and university and high school teacher, Ana has dedicated her life to childrens’ educational development in Africa, South America, Europe and continues to build stronger, more educated communities – one child at a time. Having lived in Europe, Ana currently lives in her hometown of Rosario, Argentina and enjoys exercising, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family, especially her two nephews.

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SEN Specialist Teacher, India

Preeti has over 15 years of teaching experience with 4 years in Special Education. She has worked with several International schools in India which work towards the inclusion of children with special educational needs into mainstream society. She has Master degree in Computer Application, Honours in Mathematics, Diploma in SLD and NTT.

Having coached children with various difficulties, she believes that our society is facing a bigger problem of teaching disabilities than learning disabilities, because if taught differentially, every child can learn.

She includes yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and lots of fun in her sessions because she is convinced that if the child is healthy and happy, learning automatically follows.

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Specialist Consultant Subject Teacher, UK

Bhavna has over 11 years working knowledge and experience within an independent prep and secondary School in the UK, as a one to one mentor and coach. Supporting children who require specialist individual attention of those with specific learning difficulties. Having then transitioned to further and higher education as a life coach, qualified specific learning difficulty professional (SpLD). Along with this she brings a variety of creative art skills, including but not limited to teaching the art of craft and flower arranging.



SENCo & CBT, India

Swathi is a Psychologist by education with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Journalism and a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology. Having worked as an organisational psychologist for a few years, she took a break to raise her son as she firmly believes that children need lots of love and understanding more than anything else. Along the way, she got introduced to the field of Special Education, found it interesting and pursued a Diploma in Special Education!  Post that, Swathi has helped children with learning difficulties and have been inspired tremendously through interactions with the little ones. Swathi looks forward to helping many more children in the years to come.


SEN Teacher,  India

Medha holds an MSc in Psychology and a BA in Psychology, English and Journalism. Having previously worked in the education sector, she believes in providing better quality and equity in education. She is a mental health advocate, and aims to fight the stigma and discrimination against it through education and awareness.

She has experience working with children; having worked as an intern at a psych ward in a hospital and as a play therapist at an NGO, she wants to utilise these skills in the future. She also wants to be instrumental in devising tools to help both children and adults inculcate empathy and self-awareness.

In her free time, Medha enjoys dancing, watching TV shows including anime and K-dramas, listens to K-pop and loves to travel.


Intern, Pakistan

Sahaab has always been intrigued by the brain, it’s intricate systematics. To her, it was always fascinating how the grey could hold everything from our ingenious ideas, anxious conclusions, memories or traumas but simultaneously govern life as well. There were too many questions and psychology had all the answers which is why she decided to delve into the same and take it up as her bachelors major at University. She’s amiable, sanguine and empathetic and wants to learn and work closely with people of all capacities, from all contexts, in every continent. Her greatest aspiration is to work with the United Nations one day and be of succour to people in terms of psychological aid, she wants to pursue this dream for multiple reasons and them being to de stigmatise the taboo and shame around mental health and to establish the fact that being different only means being differently abled. If anything could insinuate how she looks toward life would be the phrase that goes “to understand and be understood”.


SEN Specialist Teacher, India

Mousumi pursued an M.Sc. in Psychology from Bangalore University  and  B.Sc. in Psychology (Hons.) from Calcutta University. She is empathetic, non-judgmental, professional and very passionate about Psychology and always ready to grasp as much as knowledge she can about this field. Be it children or adults, she believes that everybody is unique and has their own potential to excel. She is also certified in Counselling skills, REBT and Physiognomy. Her goal is to fight the stigma, discrimination and taboo against Mental Health and believes to do so by providing better quality education, awareness and nurturing environment. She has helped children with Autism and other Developmental disabilities; worked as an intern at psychology ward in various hospitals. She looks forward to help as many people as she can in the best way possible.