From Psych - Ed Assessments to Individual Education Plans along with Resource Kits and Parent Enablement Sessions, we have you covered

As we are an integrated Education Management Solution provider, as a parent you don't need to look elsewhere for your child's Educational Needs, we have it all here, just ask.

Linguaphile IEP Lite

Covering Individual Education Plan during School Closure

This is the minimum value we can tremendously add on the journey to your child's short term educational need. We create an Individual Education Plan for your child for 3 months along with a timetable, relevant resources, weekly progress check.

Linguaphile Classic

Providing a complete yearly resource kit in line with the Individual Education Plan

Once the Individual Education Plan is available, we will provide a resource kit for your child's need for the complete year including resources for you as a parent so that you can see your child's progress through the annual journey. We also work with you to guide and counsel you throughout the process.

Linguaphile Enhanced

Our most popular programme providing Tuition and Guidance in addition to Linguaphile Classic

Once the Individual Education Plan is available and you have the resource kit for your child, it is of tremendous help to have a regular enablement sessions with us so you have a lot better understanding for your child. Our goal is to make your child as independent as possible over time and for you as a parent to interact even better with your child through the journey.

Linguaphile Advanced

Beyond Enhanced Plan, we can also create customised grade wise resources for your child to learn and understand better

This is a completely customised programme for your child where we now include customised curriculum per subject based on the learning need of the child. While your child will be strong in certain subjects, they may need customised learning for others. Depending on the assessments and the Individual Education Plan, we will propose the customised curriculum.

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