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Bespoke Academics. 
Individualised, Customised And Assessed By Examinations And Coursework.
Online and In Person

Offering Flexible Classes With Specialist Subject Teachers From Across The Globe

Our curriculum is available for both regular students and students who have learning challenges.


For regular students, our customised curriculum is aimed at high school students who want to choose a variety of careers, through different subjects which are not always available in mainstream education. We offer a wide variety of selection of subjects for which they can obtain global qualifications from UK based Pearson Edexcel. The qualification method can be time based examinations or coursework based.

For children with learning difficulties, we follow our own successful methodology from age six upwards all the way through to high school along with helping for career choices afterwards. Keeping a child centred focus, we cover all aspects from psych-ed assessments, behavioural interventions, specialist therapies, life skills, academics, state of the art assistive technology.


Through our affiliation with UK Pearson Edexcel board and UK based partners, we offer standard examinations as well as coursework based globally recognised qualifications making your child ready for 21st century careers.

We also offer senior secondary NIOS coaching with subjects not regularly available.

Corporate Trainings

We offer standard and bespoke corporate trainings for all industries - hospitality sector to technology. We enable staff to learn about inclusivity including staff trainings, resource room creation, resource tool box, quality checks as well as placement of specialised staff.

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Why We Do What We Do

Conventional education methods dont always yield optimum careers to students who benefit from customised subject selection

We created Linguaphile Skills Hub with the vision to provide world class inclusive education to children. We do this by our curated customised curriculum, individualised teaching and exceptional attention to details both online and in person.

We believe in inspiring the genius in every child through individualised differentiated learning 

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Success Stories

Over 95% of our customers have given us a full 100% in Overall Customer Satisfaction score and 100% of them have seen tremendous improvement in their child's academic capability within the first 3 months

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I started learning with Mrs.Papiya when I was in year 10, my spoken English was rather good while my written English was quite the opposite. I struggled to write simple introductions and could not possibly write proper essays. With all her guidance and support I was able to improve my writing abilities at an unexpected level which then helped me to get an A in my English literature IGCSE. Following into my last 2 years in high school Mrs.Papiya continues to encourage me to work harder in order to achieve my goals. 

Saghar Radfar (Student)

I’ve been learning with ma’am papiya for 5 years and she’s taught me both English literature and Language. Often commended on my written and spoken English, I have only one person to give credit to, her. Ma’am Papiya reflects unparalleled commitment, sincerity and selflessness as an educator and the quality of her teaching is unprecedented. The person behind our very first A*s and countless other academic and extracurricular accolades. She holds great command over her subjects and is even greater in enlightening us with either intricate insinuations of a tiny poetry or never ending theories over the origin of language.

Sahaab Shafique (Student)

I would like to say that I enjoyed very much your lessons. From beginning, you fully and immediately understood my needs and quickly adjusted and created the tools to maximize the improvement on my learning. Gave me step by step explanation and made sure I understood everything before proceeding. Very professional and knowledgeable Teacher, easy to get along, friendly and most importantly expert in English-teaching. I strongly recommend your service for anyone who wants to improve their english skills of speaking and writing. I have enormous respect towards you.

Simie (Student)

Ms. Papiya was coaching my son in English subject for Year 10 and Year 11. She is a great teacher with excellent command over the subject. Her teaching style is easy to follow yet very methodical. She identifies the strengths of a student and nurtures them. She also understands the needs and weaknesses of a student and strives to improve them. My son's writing skills have further enhanced ever since he started learning from her. Under her coaching he was recently selected as a finalist for Neilson Hays Young Writer's Award. Ms Papiya is highly recommended.

Leena Potdar (Parent)

I have learnt English Literature with Ma’am Papiya for two years during my IGCSE days. She had helped me to improve my writing skills for Literature essays. She is a flexible teacher who does her best and gives the most in being able to explain the students what is needed to be known. Literature is a subject which has no objective marking and is entirely based on different assessment criteria where style and language plays an important indicator to the grade. Ma’am Papiya helps her students to build technique and strategies when analyzing the questions and composing the essays; for instance, how to write about the use of stage directions in the drama answers. She is really good and an experienced teacher.

Shruti Purohit (Student)

My daughter has been learning English with Mam Papiya since her IGCSE'S and I've seen drastic improvement in my daughter's writing skills as well as her vocabulary has grown. I as parent am very impressed with her teaching style and techniques which indulge the students thoroughly in the subject of English.

SP Singh (Parent)

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